Victoria is from Gothenburg, Sweden and is

an improviser, teacher and producer, both as a freelancer and at - Gothenburg improvisation theatre, and have been in that group for over a decade. It  is one of Scandinavia's most famous and reputable improv groups,

She has also played with Scenkonstakademin in Gothenburg and at Improvisation & co in Stockholm as an improviser in several shows.

She is one of Swedens most hired improviser abroad.

She has performed in world-class ensembles and duos with international legends including Joe Bill, Patti Styles, Inbal Lori, Jason Geary, Will Luera, Kevin Scott and Shawn Kinley

Victoria is the creator of the Le Swe-des, a festival team with members that have been playing and teaching on festivals all over the world.

She got her education at Wendelsbergs theatre school and worked as an actress for many years before she decided to work only with improv.